The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design / photo Jonathan Hillyer
Kendeda建筑创新可持续设计/ Miller Hull Partnership与Lord Aeck Sargent合作/ Jonathan Hillyer摄

Wood has many attributes that make it well suited to sustainable design. Wood products have low 体现碳 compared to other building materials, which indicates fewer greenho使用 gas emissions, and they continue to store carbon absorbed by the trees while they were growing. Low 体现碳 + stored carbon = lower carbon impact. Wood is also natural and renewable. It can contribute to energy efficiency and biophilic design, 而且经久耐用, 适应性强且可重用. 探索下面的资源,可以帮助你做出明智的可持续发展的决定.

Use these Resources to Inform Your Building Material Choices

Practical guidance on whole building life cycle assessment, 生物碳, 碳储存, environmental product declarations, 和更多的.

Less Embodied Carbon + Stored Carbon =低碳影响

我们如何以可持续的方式建设并实现碳减排目标,同时满足不断增长的人口对住房和基础设施的需求? 一个答案是更多的木结构建筑.

根据建筑2030, 建筑排放了全球近40%的温室气体(GHG). 体现碳.e., 在结构的整个生命周期中,与材料和施工过程相关的温室气体约占11%, and most of this (9%) is related to the 使用 of concrete, 钢铁.1 体现碳, 尤其是与制造材料和建筑相关的前期排放, 可能很重要. 与传统非木质建筑相关的前期能源大致相当于运营同一建筑所需的能源 17年!2

Wood products have low 体现碳

Manufacturing wood products requires less fossil fuel-based energy than either steel or concrete; most of the energy comes from renewable biomass (e.g., bark and other residual fiber) that would otherwise go to waste.3 用木材代替化石燃料密集型材料减少了隐含碳,是实现我们近期气候目标的重要一步.


As trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, release the oxygen (O2), and incorporate the carbon into their wood, leaves or needles, and roots. This carbon is referred to as 生物碳. 当树木被制成建筑材料时,木材继续储存碳. (木材的干重碳含量为50%.4)通过在建筑中使用木材, 我们在结构的生命周期内将这种碳排除在大气之外——如果木材被回收再利用或回收利用,时间会更长.

“每年有17000座用其他材料建造的建筑可以用木材建造. 在大多数情况下, it costs about the same to build with wood, and yet the environmental benefits are significant. Building with innovative wood products from sustainable, 妥善管理森林是一种相对容易的方法,可以减轻大量的美国森林污染.S. 碳排放.” 

——詹妮弗·盖, 总裁兼首席执行官, 芝麻小事, Testimony to the Committee on 能源 and Natural Resources, 美国参议院 

Forests and cities work together to keep carbon out of the atmosphere

北美采用的可持续森林管理做法对森林-碳循环至关重要. While wood buildings lock carbon into the built environment, the next generation of trees begins to grow and absorb CO2. 这有助于确保我们的森林仍然是碳汇,同时为新建筑创造可持续的木材供应.

木材产品的强劲市场提供了一个经济理由来保持森林而不是将其转为其他用途,从而激励可持续森林管理. They also encourage landowners to invest not only in forest regeneration, 但是,间伐和其他景观恢复工作可以促进森林健康,减少野火的风险.

学习 to Account for Biogenic Carbon in Your Projects

本系列文章旨在帮助开发人员和设计团队在他们的木结构建筑项目中考虑生物碳. 它包括概述,然后是在项目生命周期的每个阶段检查会计实践的文章, the nuances of different life cycle assessment tools, long-term 碳储存 and delayed emissions, 以及以与国际标准一致的方式报告生物碳的建议.

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Have you tried the 芝麻小事碳计算器?

输入建筑物中结构木材的体积,该工具将估算其碳影响-包括木材中储存的碳和避免的温室气体排放-以及需要多长时间.S. and Canadian forests to grow that volume of wood. While it doesn’t offer the thoroughness of an LCA, the calculator can help quantify the benefits of a wood structure for your team, 客户或社区.

Five-Story Mass Timber 办公室: Case Study + LCA

Crescent Real Estate has found that sustainable architecture, including buildings with a lower carbon impact, appeals to a wide range of tenants. 与KL的OZ Architecture合作&一个工程师 & 建筑商和阿道夫森 & 彼得森建设, Crescent made sustainability a priority for Platte Fifteen, a five-story CLT office building in Denver. In addition to a technical case study on its design and construction, this project also has an in-depth life cycle assessment (LCA) report.


就…而言 操作的能量与钢和混凝土相比,木材具有导热系数低的优点.5 As a result, wood buildings are easy to insulate to high standards.

而任何结构系统都可以设计成一个紧凑的建筑围护结构, 大量木材系统的精密制造可以提供卓越的气密性. 对于那些想要达到被动式房屋(Passivhaus)标准或创造零能耗建筑的设计师来说,木材也被证明是一个很好的选择. 阅读波士顿的11e Lenox, 这是由Haycon设计公司和Monte French设计工作室设计的一个七层木结构被动式房屋项目.

因为许多因素对能源效率的影响比结构材料的选择更大, 对许多建筑设计师来说,更重要的一点是,木质建筑系统具有低 体现碳. LCA studies consistently show that wood outperforms other materials in this area.6,7

Exterior dusk view of the Lenox ho使用
11 E Lenox / Haycon / Monte French Design Studio

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